TO see the contents of the Kits Ingame Use:

/pk kitname


Welcome to the Pixellegends Store!

Here you can purchase ranks, perks, and items to support the server. All donations go towards keeping the server alive, as well as allowing us to expand. The server exists for 5 years already, so you do not have to worry about us going away and losing your donations!

Without you wouldn't exist, so thank you!



How long until I get what I paid for?
Up to 10 minutes from paying, but normally sooner!


Help! I still haven't received what I paid for!
If it has been longer than 10 minutes please contact us at skype: bgwhoosaa or through our forums (or on the server). Include proof of payment (MinecraftMarket/Paypal receipt sent to your email).


Do you offer refunds?
Since the products are digital we abide by a no refund policy. We do not provide transfers of purchases either.


- Keep space in your inventory for your items!

- Some things need you to be ONLINE! Otherwise it might take much longer before you get it.

- Fill in your Username correctly (including Capitalization)


Paypal Chargebacks:
- If you do a Chargeback you will not be able to donate on any server again that uses buycraft or minecraftmarket.

- You will be permanentely banned from our server and all of your stats/ranks will be erased.

- If anything went wrong just ask us for help. We will always help you to sort things out!

Anything went wrong? Go here:

Or add me on skype: